23 MARCH 2024
7.30 pm

Mahler  Blumine
Bruch  Violin Concerto No 1
Mahler  Symphony No 4  

23 March 2024 7.30 pm

Robert Guy - conductor
Callum Smart - violin
Lucy Farrimond soprano

An evening of sumptuous melodies is in store with this concert. Mahler’s Blumine is "a heartfelt, rapturous trumpet melody that alternates with melancholy song on the oboe …lovers exchanging their tender feelings in the stillness of night." Follow that! Well actually in a competition for melody, Bruch scores pretty well and with Mahler’s fourth, we have the shortest of his symphonies, all sunshine, warmth and good humour concluding with a sublime depiction of a child’s idea of heaven where wine costs 'not a penny', St Martha does the cooking, and angels sing to St. Cecilia while baking bread!