(with pirates!)
A Family Sunday Matinée

10 December 2023

  1. Khatchaturian Adagio from Spartacus
  2. Gregory Smith Zoo Song
  3. Badelt Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Menken Little Mermaid
  5. Sullivan Pirates of Penzance
  6. Williams Jaws       And much more!

10 December 2023 3.00pm

Robert Guy - conductor

Emma Cunliffe  - narrator

A Christmas-time holiday visit to Stockport-on-Sea!

There’s a blue sky and the sun is shining as we begin our holiday adventure with a moment of serene calm rudely interrupted by the arrival of Jaws and then rescue by a lifeboat all the way from Padstow.

Everyone can calm down after that with a lovely visit to the zoo to find the animal behind the mysterious song we hear as we enter.

Later, after a brief trip to the circus, two lots of pirates turn up with a mermaid.

It’s just another SSO matinée!

Please note that in December there will be some seating at the front reserved for families with children. Come early!